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Call Us:  087 742 2210

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Welcome to MediaSend, South Africa’s most digitally advanced digital media delivery platform.  Now incorporating Print, Audio and Video Deliveries.

Since inception, MediaSend have pioneered the digitisation of the delivery of broadcast commercials from post-production houses and agencies to broadcasters, streamlining the process, ensuring quality files and seamless delivery.

In addition, MediaSend, have designed and developed a delivery platform unique to South Africa, built in South Africa for the South African market, providing an automated library of finished commercials delivered via our network as well as the long-term storage of rushes all in one easy to retrieve location.

Our data centre is hosted in South Africa ensuring the swift retrieval of all footage and hi-res files without the cost and slow speeds of international bandwidth.

MediaSend boasts two partners, LaserNet and OneCom.  LaserNet is South Africa’s premium media focused internet service provider providing high speed connections, never throttled, facilitating fast commercial deliveries, and OneCom represents MediaSend Print and Brandfiler, through which our clients enjoy their entire brand history retrievable from one place and with ease.

Our state of the art Media Asset Management tools ensure that your files are stored safely for the long term.

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