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Please    name    the    file    being    uploaded    in    the    form    of    the    flighting    code    of    the    commercial   being sent:    for   example  

Please note that no visual slate or any freeze frames are allowed on the front or back of the file – commercial only.


File Duration


The file duration must be the same duration as the flighting code.  The file must not have a visual slate, colour bars, freeze frames or black frames at the start or the beginning.




Squeezebacks must have a 2 second freeze frame at the end of the commercial.  This is to allow for the DVE so there is not black on air.

Thus a 10 second squeezeback must have a duration of 12 seconds, but the code would still be 10, i.e. ABCD_10_001_E_H




The audio must be R128 (ITU 1770.3) compliant to enable successful file based delivery. The uploaded file must pass our QC process before delivery can be made.

To view R128 guidelines please visit 


The R128 specifications are:

EBU R128 Integrated loudness –23LUFS ±1LUFS

EBU R128 true peak at –3dBTP


This is compulsory for all broadcasters.

High Definition Submissions


Options in order of quality preference


Option 1


•    Video

1.   Apple ProRes

2.   Video frame size 1920x1080

3.   HQ – High Quality

4.   25 Frames per second

•     Audio

5.  24 Bit

6.  Sample Rate 48KHz

7.   384Kbps

8.  Stereo

Option 2

•    Video

1.  Avid DNxHD 120

2.  Video frame size 1920x1080

3.  25 Frames per second

•    Audio

4.   24 Bit

5.  Sample Rate 48KHz

6.  384Kbps

7.  Stereo




Standard Definition Submissions


Options in order of quality preference


Option 1


MPEG2 Program Stream Multiplexed Video and Audio


•    Video

1.   Bitrate 30Mbps

2.   Video frame size 720x576 PAL

3.   422P@ML – 422Profile at Main Level

4.   GOP Structure I-Frame only

5.   Field dominance – Top/Odd field first

6.   Colour space 4:2:2

•    Audio

7.   MPEG1 Layer II

8.   Bitrate 384Kbps Stereo

9.  Sample Rate 48KHz


Option 2


Quicktime File

•    Video

1.   Codec ProRes or ProRes (HQ)

2.   Video frame size 720x576 PAL

3.   Colour space 4:2:2

•    Audio

4.  Bit Depth 16 Bit

5.  Bitrate 384Kbps Stereo

6.  Sample Rate 48KHz


Radio Submissions


File naming conventions.  Please ensure that the file name is as follows:  ABCD_30_001_E.wav

WAV files accepted


•Stereo Channels Only

•Bit Depth: 16bit

•Sample Rate 44.1 kHz or 48kHz

•Levels:  Peak 0dBFS



•Please ensure that your commercial is exactly the same duration as the commercial booked.  i.e. if you have a 15” commercial the material provided must be 15” exactly.

•This duration should be reflected in the flighting code.

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